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5 Commandments of Testing

After six months of calling myself a tester I am moving back into development for the forseeable future. However my time in testing has really opened my eyes to its importance in software development. The following ‘commandments’ are important lessons I have learnt about testing, in roughly the order that I learnt them. Continue reading

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TDD Pt 1

Test-Driven-Development (TDD) is a concept that I have always struggled to get my head around. Testing before you have anything to test does not seem to make any sense. However I have spent the last few weeks working in an environment where TDD is used, and am now completely enlightened. Testing is clarification that you have achieved what you set out to achieve. Before you can do start anything you have to have a goal / aim of where you want to get to, so it follows that this can be a test. Continue reading

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The Story of JUnit

As a framework JUnit suits an object-oriented language like Java perfectly as it promotes the testing of individual classes containing single pieces of functionality. Keepin’ it simple and all that. This allows you to write simple tests that can run quickly and are not dependent on other modules. So quicker tests and quicker identification of errors means more efficiency and cheaper solutions. Everyone’s a winner. Continue reading

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