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Pair Programming: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Firstly, as a massive caveat to this post, let me say that I’ve only ever worked for two companies. I have worked on different teams within these, but nonetheless I realise I don’t have a wide range of experience here. … Continue reading

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5 Commandments of Testing

After six months of calling myself a tester I am moving back into development for the forseeable future. However my time in testing has really opened my eyes to its importance in software development. The following ‘commandments’ are important lessons I have learnt about testing, in roughly the order that I learnt them. Continue reading

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TDD Pt 1

Test-Driven-Development (TDD) is a concept that I have always struggled to get my head around. Testing before you have anything to test does not seem to make any sense. However I have spent the last few weeks working in an environment where TDD is used, and am now completely enlightened. Testing is clarification that you have achieved what you set out to achieve. Before you can do start anything you have to have a goal / aim of where you want to get to, so it follows that this can be a test. Continue reading

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In Retrospect…

A key part of the agile development lifecycle, retrospectives are something we should do regularly. Continue reading

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To Pair Or Not To Pair

I must confess I was somewhat sceptical about the effectiveness of the Pair Programming technique, but that is mainly down to my lack of experience of it. My initial reservations were the obvious. Why have two people do the work one could? It seems both a waste of time and money. I also questioned how much value a seasoned developer could get out of it – certainly for a newbie like me the experience would be invaluable, although even here I would worry that a) I would struggle to pull my weight and b) be embarrassed about my lack of knowledge. With this in mind I visited the Sky SNS offices in Brick Lane, where they are big advocates of Pair Programming, to find out more. Continue reading

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Planning Poker

Estimating: the amount of time one thinks a specific task will take to complete.

A key part of agile development; it sounds simple, but in reality is easier said than done. So what techniques are there to improve how we estimate, and how can we make use of them? Continue reading

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