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Plant UML is a free tool which generates UML-type diagrams from text. I am not sure how accurate and correct the UML is by any standards as I don’t know anything about UML standards, but at work we are finding it very useful to generate diagrams to show sequences of flow. This makes complicated scenarios visible in a nice easy way, which is easily editable by anyone. Continue reading

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Agile Operations

For the last few months I have been thinking about the best ways to use agile methodologies in an operational environment. Having done some research it seems there are two popular concepts surrounding this idea – Agile Operations and Dev Ops. Both are essentially intended to bridge the gap between application development and IT operations, using agile methodologies which work in software development to improve practices within operations. Agile Operations focuses more on identifying agile practices and principles that can be applied to operations irrespective of where the hardware or software involved is coming from or how it is developed. DevOps is aimed more at addressing concerns of developers that ops staff (mainly sys admins) can’t keep up with the increased pace and communication needs that an agile environment requires. Continue reading

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