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Test Driven Book Review Conclusions

There were some clear advantages to the TDD approach to writing. In particular, writing the acceptance test first made me focus on exactly what I was trying to achieve. In some ways this is similar to writing an essay where … Continue reading

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Book Review Development

I have an acceptance test: Given a review is written about a book When I read the review I know if I want to read the book. To set up the given, I need a book and a review. I’ve … Continue reading

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Can I Test Drive A Book Review?

I am often asked about how a history graduate ended up being a software developer. Usually I give some vague spiel about the parallels between the two (see my earlier post). A while back I got talking about TDD in the same breath, which led me to wonder: can I test drive an essay? It’s been too long since I’ve written an essay (and I can’t say I miss it), so I decided to test drive a book review instead. Continue reading

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Things I Learned Last Week (That I Probably Should Have Known Before)

Always test your web application in the browser that your users will use.
This is particularly relevant if your users use IE, which we all know still behaves unexpectedly at times!
We spent a long time trying to replicate a bug until someone finally thought to try testing in IE, and it turned out to only occur in this browser because of some interesting GWT event binding behaviour. A lot of time was wasted. Continue reading

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TDD Pt 1

Test-Driven-Development (TDD) is a concept that I have always struggled to get my head around. Testing before you have anything to test does not seem to make any sense. However I have spent the last few weeks working in an environment where TDD is used, and am now completely enlightened. Testing is clarification that you have achieved what you set out to achieve. Before you can do start anything you have to have a goal / aim of where you want to get to, so it follows that this can be a test. Continue reading

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Google Chrome (the future of everything)

So today I started to look into Chrome extensions. Firstly, lets just say there are a lot of them. 761 in fact (and this number will probably have increased by the time I publish this post.) Especially after today when the social media world has been buzzing about the fact that Google advertised Chrome to a million people in the UK via this mornings Metro. Continue reading

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The Story of JUnit

As a framework JUnit suits an object-oriented language like Java perfectly as it promotes the testing of individual classes containing single pieces of functionality. Keepin’ it simple and all that. This allows you to write simple tests that can run quickly and are not dependent on other modules. So quicker tests and quicker identification of errors means more efficiency and cheaper solutions. Everyone’s a winner. Continue reading

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