Lightning Talk

Last week I gave a lightning talk about my experiment with Test Driven Development.

It’s available on Vimeo here.


The format I chose was 20 slides, auto-advancing every 20 seconds. I’d sort of practiced with this format beforehand, but it was much different on the day. Here’s what I learnt:

  • Doing a talk with such a strict time constraint is a bit like running a race. You end up going much faster than you did in training. There’s a lot of adrenalin and I felt like I had much more time than I’d anticipated. Next time I will practice to a real audience beforehand to try and create this.
  • Usually in a talk I try to slow down (I’m aware I talk quite quickly at the best of times), but this format meant I didn’t attempt this. Watching the video back I can see that I started out too quickly but I think I relaxed into it after a few slides (another parallel with running!)
  • Standing in front of a room full of people is something I usually try to avoid. However I was so focused on keeping within the time I managed to overlook this fear!
  • Next time I would make sure I had some visual cue in front of me to know how much time I have left on each slide. I definitely spent too much time looking up at the screen to talk about my slides, when I didn’t really need to – most of the time the slide content was just there to back up my point. I didn’t need to keep referring to it.

I really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to doing another lightning talk!


About RNewstead

I am learning every day. Sometimes I worry there are too many interesting things in the world and not enough time.
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  1. Video is now password protected, drop me an email if you would like access!

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